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Video:Baby Blanket Cake

with Elizabeth LaBau

Add some cozy charm to a baby shower with this lovely, simple baby blanket cake.See Transcript

Transcript:Baby Blanket Cake

Supplies for Baby Blanket Cake

To make a baby blanket cake, you will need:

  • A cake covered in buttercream or fondant
  • About 1 pound of fondant
  • Food coloring of your choice
  • A fluted pastry wheel
  • A small paintbrush
  • A rolling pin
  • And if you have one, a quilting wheel gum paste tool

Dye the Fondant

Decide what color you want your quilt background to be, and color two-thirds of your fondant that color. I'm making a yellow quilt with white squares, so most of my fondant will be dyed yellow and the remaining one-third I will leave white.

The easiest way to color fondant is to press it into a disc and put several drops of food coloring in the middle, then fold it over itself and knead it together until the color is even. If it gets sticky, dust your hands with a little powdered sugar.

Cut and Shape the Fondant

Roll out the background color of fondant until it is about 1/4-inch thick or a little thinner. Try to roll it into an approximate rectangular or square shape—the exact shape and size depends on the size of your cake and your preferences.Using the fluted pastry wheel, trim off the uneven edges to get an even rectangle or square. Measure the sides with a ruler, to give yourself an estimate of what size squares you need to cut out to make a patchwork pattern on top.

Attach the Squares to the Cake

Roll out your secondary color into a thin layer. Use your ruler to cut squares of fondant out with the fluted pastry wheel. Brush a thin layer of water on the back of one of the squares, and press it to the edge of the quilt. Leave a gap in the middle of the quilt the same size as the square, then attach another square on the other side of the gap. Continue to attach the squares with water, leaving gaps so the background color shows through. Don't worry if your squares go over the edge or don't quite fit.

Once your quilt is covered with squares, take your wheel and cut along the edges, trimming off any extra so the edges are even.

Create a Design for the Baby Blanket Cake

If you have a quilting wheel gumpaste tool, we're going to use it to make a cute design on top. Run it through the corners of each square, criss-crossing in the middle to make a stitching pattern throughout the whole quilt. Once it's done, you can see that it looks like the whole quilt has been stitched.To finish off the cake, you can just drape the blanket over the top. This provides a nice flat surface to write on, if you want.

Or if you want to make it look more like a rumpled blanket, you can take a few marshmallows and stuff them under the blanket in random places and gently fold the fondant over them so it looks artfully disheveled.This is a great baby shower cake for both girls and boys, and it's especially cute when it matches the baby's nursery colors or crib bedding.   

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