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Video:Send SMS Text Messages From Gmail

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You can send text messages from your Gmail account after enabling a few settings. Learn how to use this feature and start sending messages today!See Transcript

Transcript:Send SMS Text Messages From Gmail

Today, we're going to show you how to send an SMS Text Message from your Gmail account. This means that it will send a message to somebody's phone as a text message instead of an email.

Enabling Your SMS Function

In order to use this SMS feature, you must first enable your SMS capability in your "Chat Lab". To do so, first click on the gear icon in the top right corner of your window, which will give you drop down menu where you will click on the "Settings" button.

The settings menu will give you several tabs at the top of the page, but click the one that says "Labs". This will take you to a screen that allows you to enable or disable multiple features on your Gmail account. Scroll down near the bottom of the page, where you will see an option labeled "SMS (text messaging) in Chat". Click the "enable" button and make sure to save your changes at the bottom of the page.

Sending a SMS Message from Gmail

Now that your SMS feature is on, you can simply type the number into the chat field that you would like to send your message to. If this person isn't already in your address book, you will need to create a new contact. But, if you already have this person in your contacts, just type their name into your chat field and select SMS.

Benefits of the SMS Feature

This SMS feature can come in handy when you are unable to use your phone or if you want to save your contacts for the future. It's nice to have somewhere else to keep your numbers incase your phone ever gets lost. This SMS feature is beneficial when your cell phone may not have service. You can send these messages from anywhere.

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