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Video:Manage Gmail Settings

with Don Schechter

Learn how to manage your Gmail settings to get the maximum utility out of your Gmail account whether it be for work, play, or curiosity.See Transcript

Transcript:Manage Gmail Settings

Hi, I'm Don Schechter for Computing.

Today, I'm going to show you how to manage your settings in Gmail.

Find Settings in Gmail

Log into Gmail with your username and password. Click on the Settings link in the upper right corner next to your email address. The General Settings section is now open.

Options and Features of Gmail Settings

Gmail has many of the features that modern email users have come to expect. Let's take a look.

There are some basic settings like display language and conversations shown per page. A conversation is Gmail s word for an email.

Gmail Keyboard Shortcut Settings

Keyboard shortcuts are unique to Gmail because they allow you to quickly do repetitious actions. Click Learn more. As you can see there are many shortcuts.

Let's go back to Settings.

Gmail Picture Display Settings

My picture lets you add a small image of yourself that will be appear to other Gmail users when they get email from you. Likewise, you can set the Contacts pictures to show all pictures or just those you've chosen for your contacts.

Gmail Signature Settings

There is the signature feature which will add a custom note to the bottom of every email that you write. I'll just put in one of my favorite quote, "KAAAAAAAAAAHN!"

Gmail Level Indicator Settings

Next, Personal level indicators are a special feature of Gmail. A single arrow next to your name means that you an email was sent to you and others. A double arrow means that you are the sole receiver of that email.

Gmail Snippet Settings

Snippets are also a feature unique to Gmail. When you look at your inbox you will notice that there are literally snippets of the incoming message show next to the subject line. This allows you to see what you re receiving without having to open it first.

Gmail Vacation Indicator Settings

The Vacation responder (or out of office reminder for those of us that travel for business) is another common email setting. This allows you to automatically notify people that you will not be around to respond to their email.

Gmail Message Encoding Settings

You will notice that there is an overly technical sounding setting called Outgoing message encoding at the end of the list.

The first option is set by default. However, in the off chance that Gmail messages can t be read by the people you are writing to, select the Unicode option.

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