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Video:Gmail Labels and Filters

with Don Schechter

Learn how Gmail differs from other email accounts and how to make labels and filters in Gmail to organize your mail.See Transcript

Transcript:Gmail Labels and Filters

Hi, I'm Don Schechter for Computing.

Today, I am going to show you how to make labels and filters in Gmail.

What Makes Gmail Different?

Many email users are used to sorting email into folders by subject matter or interest. Gmail doesn't use a folder system and instead uses labels.

This makes it so that one email can be labeled under multiple topics as opposed to being stuck in just one folder.

Create a Label in Gmail

Log into Gmail with your username and password. To create a label, go down to the green labels box and click the Edit labels link.

I'm going to create a label that says Fan Mail. Click Create. Gmail instantly creates the label which now appears on the list here as well as in the labels box.

When you get email, you can select it and apply the specific label that you want. To apply a label, click on the More actions drop down menu and select the label you want to apply.

Do this again to remove the label if you want.

Create a Filter in Gmail

I'm going to talk about email filters now.

Click the Create a filter link next to the Search the Web button. With this feature you can supply information that will tell Gmail to sort incoming email according to your criteria. My criteria for this example will be when I get email from the domain name

You can click Test Search to see if your criteria pulls any email from your Gmail account. Click Next Step.

Gmail gives you a few options here. You can tell those filtered email to skip the inbox, put on a special attention star, Forward it to an email address, or delete it.

Apply Labels and Filters in Gmail

I want to talk about the Apply the Label function.

As you can see, I can tell Gmail that whenever I get an email from, I want it to apply the label, Fan Mail. This is a good idea if you think that you'll be receiving a lot of email from one person or group.

Check the Also apply filter option to label all of those past email that showed up in your test search if you want to.

Finally, click Create Filter. The filter has been instantly added. If you want to change the options, simply go to Settings, Filters, and then click Edit.

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