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Video:Gmail: How to Unsend Emails

with Jacob Taxis

Unsend an email in your gmail account and recover from that potentially disastrous mistake. Watch this video to see how to enable settings in gmail that will allow you take back whatever email you sent out.See Transcript

Transcript:Gmail: How to Unsend Emails

Hi, I'm Jacob Taxis for In this video, you will learn how to unsend emails in Gmail.

Unsend an Email After Sending in Gmail

If you“unsend an email, you are simply canceling the delivery of an email soon after you've clicked 'Send.'

In Gmail, a user is able to unsend emails by enabling the 'Undo Send' feature in his or her account. This will delay the email from being sent for five seconds after you've clicked 'Send.'

The Timeframe to Unsend

During that short period of time, you can unsend the message by clicking 'Undo' in the notification at the top of your screen. After those seconds are up, the 'Undo' link will disappear and your outgoing message will be delivered. You will no longer be able to unsend it.

Enable the Unsend Setting in Gmail

To enable this feature, begin by clicking on the 'Settings' tab at the far right. It's the tab with the gear symbol on it.

When the menu drops down, click on 'Settings.' On the 'Settings' page, you'll find a row of options on the top. Click on 'Labs.'

Near the bottom of the 'Labs' page, you'll find bold text that reads 'Undo Send.' To the right of this, you'll see two selection tabs. One reads 'Enable,' the other reads 'Disable.' Click the tab next to 'Enable.' Finally, click the 'Save Changes' tab at the bottom.

With this feature enabled, you'll have the opportunity to correct any last minute mistakes in outgoing emails before they turn up in your recipient's inbox.

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