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Video:How to Install a Ground Fault Circuit Breaker

with Steve Fraasa

Learn how to install a ground fault circuit breaker so that you don't have to rely on the electrician for this work. Watch this how-to video from About.com to install a ground fault circuit breaker.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Install a Ground Fault Circuit Breaker

Hello, this is Steve Fraasa for About.com. Today I am going to show you how to install a ground fault circuit breaker.

Prepare for Installing a Ground Fault Circuit Breaker

The first thing you have to do is locate your load center or power panel and determine the brand of circuit breakers that you are using. In this case it is General Electric. The wire gauge on this circuit is #12, so we will use a 20amp breaker. If you have 14-gauge wire you will need a 15amp breaker. This is the GE 20amp GFI circuit breaker that we will be installing. Next, you will want to remove the panel cover. Once inside you should turn off the main breaker. In this case this panel does not have a main circuit breaker. What we can do is switch off all of the individual circuits in order to reduce the load on the panel. Now, because this panel is still "live" you will want to avoid touching the bus bar.

Begin Installing a Ground Fault Circuit Breaker

You are now ready to install the GFI circuit breaker. First, you will want to attach the white pigtail coming from the breaker to the neutral bus bar. You can identify that by the white neutral wires which are connected to the panel. Tighten the screw. Next you will want to attach the load neutral wire coming from your circuit to the load neutral side as indicated on the side of the circuit breaker. Insert the neutral wire into the appropriate slot, tighten it and insert the hot wire into the other slot and tighten as you did with the neutral wire. This notch will insert in this part of the panel and then the circuit breaker will just snap into place, into the bus bar.

Finish Installing a Ground Fault Circuit Breaker

First, you want to turn the circuit breaker off, engage the notched portion of the circuit breaker into the slot and then just press the circuit breaker onto the bus bar. When you have fully inserted it, it should appear like this.You can now restore power to all of the circuit breakers that you turned off. Then, turn on the power to your installed GFI, press the test button and it should trip the breaker, which it does, so you have installed the circuit breaker properly. Put the cover back on and you have completed your project.

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