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Video:Tips for Drawing With Charcoal

with Mary Gallagher Stout

Want to learn some great tips for drawing with charcoal? Here, see helpful hints for drawing with charcoal.See Transcript

Transcript:Tips for Drawing With Charcoal

Hi! my name is Mary Gallagher Stout and today we are making marks with charcoal.

Instructions for Drawing With Charcoal

First what type of mark that we can make in our drawings is drawing with the charcoal on its side.

The second sort of line that we make with the charcoal is an implied line and it's actually erasing out the color.

The third dimension in drawing is using a hard line, and I'm going to use compressed charcoal with that.

Other Instructions for Drawing With Charcoal

Then we go in the outer edge and I'm going to put on the outside of the line I just erased. Now the way artists build space and volume are with these three little tricks, dark, light and gray, and that is how you draw with charcoal.

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