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Video:How to Draw a Baby Face

with Mark Keathley

Want to learn how to draw a baby face properly? Here, see tips and tricks for how to draw a baby face on your own.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Draw a Baby Face

Hi! I am Mark Keathley, America's Artist, and today we are going to learn how to draw a child's face.

Tips for Drawing a Baby Face

I have a number 6B drawing pencil, and a sketch pad. So find a photograph that you're going to practice with and let's get after it. One of the first things you're going to do is study the shape of the head and I usually get my hand going in the direction that I am seeing and make a few real slight marks.

More Tips for Drawing a Baby Face

One thing that people usually get wrong is where the eyes go; they are way down here, they are not up here, they are at the mid point of the head. With children their features on their face are usually rounder, not as chiseled as an adult so you want to emphasis the cheek, the fore-lips. I am trying to establish right now where light and dark is, so the eye socket area is going to be darker here, the bridge of the nose, I am seeing a big highlight here, and a highlight here. There is one on the nose here, and here, and as I begin to shade in this face, I'm going to keep all those lines and highlights in mind.

Additional Instructions for Drawing a Baby Face

Again contour shading is important to establish the shape of the face and the muscles, and so when we typically look at somebody we kind of forget about the hair and think of the face only and then on the face, yes the eyes are higher than halfway, but on the whole head you can see where they are. So I am going to work a little bit here trying to create her hair texture.

Drawing a Baby Face

As I move here towards the top of the head, I am keeping in mind this highlighted area. So the hair that I am doing here will be - I am pushing just as hard as I can push without breaking my pencil. I am probably putting 10 or 15 pounds a pressure on this pencil right now, pushing it to its limit on darkness. But as I get here, I am getting a lighter-and-lighter touch.

So to recap I want to, as I am drawing a child's face I want to first notice the overall shape, the peanut shape or the egg shape or whatever shape their face is, then on the shading I circle off where I want my highlights to be real lightly and then shade up to those. And then that helps everything come together. And that's how you draw the child's face.

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