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Video:Give Your Dog a Bath at Home

with Armando Orozco

Does your dog like to jump in mud puddles and play in dirt? Learn how to give your dog a bath at home so you can save the cost of frequent trips to the dog groomer.See Transcript

Transcript:Give Your Dog a Bath at Home

Hello my name is Armando Orozco for Home. Have you ever had a dog that gets dirty all the time? Then you will want to learn how to give your dog a bath in your own home.

Dog Bath Supplies

In this case we are going to use a bath tub, but you can also bathe your dog in outdoor showers, indoor showers, or just use a hose.

Now that we have the place to bathe the dog, we have to decide what type of shampoo to use. Remember, dogs have different types of fur, so you will want to select the appropriate shampoo for the type of fur your dog has.

Put Your Dog in the Bath

The tub can be very slippery, so you will want to lay a towel or mat down on the tub floor. The best way to pick up your dog to put it in the tub is to grab from under the chest and stomach. Before you get the dog wet, make sure the temperature of the water is just right for the dog. Luke warm is the best.

If you have a dog that is a bit out of control, then you can attach him or her with a leash to the plumbing of the tub or outdoor shower to free up your hands.

Dog Shampoo

Today we are going to use oatmeal dog shampoo because it is great for dry skin. Make sure the shampoo you are using is tear free. Let the shampoo sit for 10 to 15 minutes - this way the skin will get conditioned as well.

Rinsing Your Dog

After 10 to 15 minutes we are going to rinse the dog with another round of luke warm temperature water. If you do not have a hose, you can use a cup or plastic pitcher. Do not risk cutting the dog with glass.

Drying Your Dog

When the dog is all rinsed, the first thing you want to do is dry the face of the dog. Most people do not have a grooming table, so just use a table high enough that the dog will not jump off and run away. When your dog is dry, make sure to brush the hair so it won't get matted.

Now that you know who to bathe your dog, the hard part is going to be keeping it clean! Thanks for watching. For more information, visit us online at
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