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Video:What Is Obedience Training for Dogs?

with Jai Robichaud

Want to learn about obedience training for dogs? This video will show you what obedience training includes and what to expect from your dog.See Transcript

Transcript:What Is Obedience Training for Dogs?

Hi, My name is Jai Robichaud, Training and Behavior Coordinator for the Humane Society of Boulder Valley and I am here for About.com. Today we are going to discuss what is obedience training for dogs.

Basics of Obedience Training for Dogs

Obedience training is important because it is how we teach our dogs what we do and what we don't like. The more your dog does those things you like and the less time disobeying, the more you are going to enjoy your dog's company. Some people wonder how old should a dog be before you start training. The truth is dogs start learning as soon as their eyes and ears open.

More Basics of Obedience Training for Dogs

So as soon as you get your puppy that is a great time to start training. Use rewards, teach your puppy what you like, and reward the behavior that they do, that you like. So whenever we train our dogs it's important to have the proper leash, collar, and to have some nice tasty treats that will motivate your dog. Training sessions should be done on a daily basis when you are training a new behavior and then you can make them less frequent just to make sure the dog remembers what you are asking for.

Using a Clicker for Obedience Training for Dogs

So some people when training their dogs will use what is called a clicker. And a clicker basically serves as a substitute for saying "good boy" or "good dog" when your dog does what you like. The benefits to clicker training is it is very clear to the dog when they have done what you like.

Rewards During Obedience Training for Dogs

When you have multiple members of a family you each probably use a slightly different phrase when rewarding your dog. Some people might say "nice", some people might say "good dog" and this eliminates any variation for the dog and it makes it more clear. It will actually speed up the process by about 40 percent just using the clicker instead of telling them "good dog. " Once your dog understands a behavior we can start to wean out the treats that we use to teach them and we can start to integrate other rewards into their life.

Alternative Rewards During Obedience Training

So instead of giving a dog a treat when you ask them to sit, start asking them to sit before you throw the ball for them, or start asking them to sit before they get their dinner, or before they go out for a walk. This way the dog doesn't think they just sit for treats, they start to think that when they sit they are going to get some reward, even if they are not sure what it is. Over half of dogs are surrendered to shelters under the age of one year, and one of the major reasons for this is they do not have any obedience training. Training a dog for obedience can keep them out of the shelters, it can also save their life.

If your dog is running towards the street you need a way to stop them and obedience training is going to be the key to keeping them safe.

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