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Video:Train Your Dog to Roll Over

with Andrea Arden

Dog owners from all over enjoy pulling off this classic trick with their pooches. Is your dog ready to learn how to roll over on command?See Transcript

Transcript:Train Your Dog to Roll Over

I'm Andrea Arden at Animal Haven SoHo located in New York City for, and today I'm going to show you how to teach your dog to roll-over.

Start Training Your Dog to Roll Over

To teach your dog to roll-over, you're going to take a bit of food. Put it in your hand on the tip of the dog's nose, and move it straight down to get your dog to lie down. Most dogs will lie down in what is called a prone-down, so that they are even on both hips. So you need to take your hand and move it slowly to the side. So your dog lays on one hip or the other.

From here take your hand and slowly move it back and down to the ground so your dog is lying flat on their side. From here take your hand and go straight over. Say the word "yes" once they've rolled all the way over, and give them a little treat.

Cue Your Dog to Roll Over

As your dog gets more and more comfortable with this, you'll see that they roll over more and more quickly. Which means you can move your hand more quickly. When you're willing to bet money that your dog is going to follow your hand and roll over, then you can put the cue-word, in this case "roll over", right before you move your hand.

Practice Training the Dog to Roll Over

And as your dog gets better at this you can start to move you hand a little bit further away so that you're not keeping your hand with the treat right on the tip of your dogs nose, but you're moving it far enough away so that it starts looking like a hand signal. And then the next step is you can get rid of the food in your hand, and just make the movement, or you can just say the word.

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