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Video:Train Your Dog to Come When Called

with Andrea Arden

Has your dog ever gotten off its leash, or made a quick escape from an open door? Training your pup to come to you on command is an essential part of obedience training. With a little practice, your dog will learn how in no time!See Transcript

Transcript:Train Your Dog to Come When Called

Hi, I'm Andrea Arden at Animal Haven Soho located in New York City for and today I'm going to show you how to teach your dog to come.

Teaching your dog to come when called is a top priority since the consequences of a dog that gets off leash and doesn't come back when called could be devastating.

Begin Training Your Dog to Come

To teach your dog to come you're going to start with some really tasty treats and a very hungry dog. Take a little bit of food and put it on the ground. And then back away from your dog and call your dog to you. Give them a little treat to let them know that was the right thing to do and try again.

Increase the Training Distance

As you repeat this in three- to five-minute training sessions, you're going to gradually increase the distance you move away. So as you're practicing at greater distances your going to toss if for your dog to go and grab and then run backwards away from your dog and call them to you.

If you have a helper, you can have the other person hold the treat and call your dog and then you call the dog and do that back and forth. But if you're all by yourself, take a little bit of food, toss it for your dog, and then run backwards and call them to you again.

Practice Teaching the Dog to Come

Each time you repeat this you're building up that learning muscle of your dog coming when called, its like going to the gym and building up a physical muscle - so lots of repetitions in little 3- to 5-minute training sessions. You can also teach your dog to come when called by using a toy that they can fetch. You're going to toss it for them, when they grab a hold of it call them back to you. The reward is you're going to toss it again.

Positive Reinforcement Training

The goal of this is you're teaching your dog that come when called is a fun game and they're going to have a good time. Remember: never tell your dog to come when called if you're going to do something they don't like, like giving them a bath.

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