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Video:How to Prevent Ticks on Dogs

with Dimitri Labarge

Though difficult to spot once they're there, it's possible to prevent ticks from ever getting on dogs in the first place. Here are some instructions on how to prevent ticks on dogs.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Prevent Ticks on Dogs

Hello! I'm Dr. Ellie Shelburne for Today, we're going to talk about how to prevent ticks in your dog.

Applying Products to Prevent Ticks on Dogs

So there are a few tips that can make your monthly preventative work for you better. These products work at the lipid, or fatty, layer of the skin. So it's important not to strip the fatty layer off by heavy shampooing two days before or two days after application. You can find soap-free shampoos that won't affect these products if you must bathe your pet.

Spread Out Dog Tick Prevention Chemicals

So, to allow the product to work best on a big dog, instead of placing it all on one spot, we would recommend that you find three little spots so it doesn't all pool up and get rubbed off. Find the skin at the bottom of the hair and gently separate that out, apply some of the product, then go to a new spot, again applying some of the product, and again, the final amount at the last spot. Another tip would be to make your applications either right before bedtime or right before you go to work so that you're not inclined to rub off the product by inadvertently petting your animal.

Wear Gloves When Using Dog Tick Products

When you're using the monthly product, if you yourself have a chemical sensitivity or you tend to dry out with alcohol, you should wear gloves if you're applying this to your animal. Monthly prevention is a good way to prevent ticks and dangerous diseases in your dog. Thank you for watching. To learn more, please visit us on the web at
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