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Video:Make a DIY Skunk Odor Remover for Dogs

with Nadia Lefebvre Chapman

Learn how to make this DIY skunk odor remover for a dog, in case your pet ever has a run-in with a skunk. Follow this step-by-step guide to make a homemade DIY skunk odor remover for a dog.See Transcript

Transcript:Make a DIY Skunk Odor Remover for Dogs

Hi, I'm Nadia Chapman for Dog owners know how much joy, love, and pleasure their animal can bring into their lives. Dogs also bring surprises, like getting sprayed by a skunk when you least expect it.

When that happens you might feel unprepared, and you'll want to remove this terrible smell fast. And since dogs get skunked mostly at the crack of dawn, or late at night, the stores might not even be open. But that's okay, because there is a homemade solution that is cheap, easy to make, and it works better then any skunk smell remover from the store.

Supplies Needed for the DIY Skunk Odor Remover for a Dog

This miracle solution contains only 3 ingredients that can be found in most homes: hydrogen peroxide, liquid dish soap and baking soda. You will need:

  • 1 quart, that is 4 cups, of peroxide
  • 1/4 cup of baking soda
  • 1-2 teaspoons of liquid dish soap
  • rubber or latex gloves

Mix the DIY Skunk Odor Remover for a Dog

Mix all ingredients in an open-air container like a bowl or a bucket. Make sure the baking soda is completely dissolved.Make sure to rinse your dog first. The wet fur will help to spread the mixture. Using a sponge, or a cloth to apply the mix is a great idea, especially for the face area since you will need to carefully dab it around the eyes, nose, and mouth.

Rinse the DIY Skunk Odor Remover for a Dog

Let stand for 10 minutes, and keep massaging the solution into the fur. Rinse well when you are done, and throw away any leftovers.At the end of this adventure give a regular bath to your dog, the dog shampoo will leave a fresh smell on the coat.

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