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Video:How to Train a Dog to Lay Down

with Jai Robichaud

Want to learn some helpful tips for train a dog to lay down? Here, see step-by-step instructions for getting your dog to lay down on command.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Train a Dog to Lay Down

Hi, My name is Jai Robichaud and I am a Training and behavior Coordinator at the Humane Society of Boulder Valleyand I am here for I have been training dogs for over 11 years and today we are going to offer you some tips on how to train a dog to lay down.

Telling a Dog to Lay Down

Lying down is a very useful command for your dog to understand. If your dog is lying down their is a bunch of problem behaviors that they can't be engaging at the same time. Your dog can't be running out the front door, they can't be jumping up on people. It's also a great way to get your dog to settle in and relax a little bit. It's also an important first step to teaching your dog to stay in a given place.

Basics for Training a Dog to Lay Down

When training, I prefer to use rewards. It helps strengthen the bond with your dogs and it's also the most efficient way to train your dogs. Whenever we train our dogs it is important to have the proper leash, collar and to have some nice tasty treats that will motivate your dog. The first step is to get your dog's attention on you. The next task is to get your dog's rear end down. Take that treat above her head. Great you can give her that treat.

More Steps in Training a Dog to Lay Down

The next step will get the front end down. So now we will take the treat that's above their head and we will draw it straight down between their front paws so that hopefully your dog's nose and rear end are both on the ground. It's best if you can reward your dog within two seconds of them performing the behavior that you like. Training sessions should actually be pretty short. If you can get between 5 and 15 minutes in a day, one or two sessions than your dog will progress quickly and you will be happy with the results.

Any time we train our dogs with a new behavior I always want to do it in an environment that doesn't have many distractions. So work with your dogs indoors before you start asking them to perform outdoors where you have so much more competition for their attention.

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