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Video:How to Make a Pen for a Puppy

with Kris

Build a puppy pen with a few simple materials from the home improvement store. Even if you never built anything before, this puppy pen is a great project to start with.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make a Pen for a Puppy

Hi i'm Kris for We will be building a simple wood frame puppy pen.

You want to think about how tall your puppy will be when standing on its hind legs. If you build the sides too short the pup will be able to escape. Ours will be 3 ft high, 3 ft wide, and 4ft long. Room for sleep, play, and bathroom area.

To Build a Puppy Pen, You Will Need:

  • 6 3 ft. 2"x2"
  • 2 8 ft by 4ft ply wood sheets
  • 2 small hinges
  • 1 hook and eye
  • 1 small box of wood screws
  • 1 drill
  • 1 saw

Frame the Puppy Pen

Out of the first piece of plywood, cut 2 4x3 ft pieces. With the second piece of plywood, cut off 1ft length wise, then cut 2 ft off one end. Then cut that piece into equal 3x3 ft sections. With one of the 3x3ft pieces cut off 4inches on one side. This 3ft x 32inch piece will be the door. Take 2 of 3 ft 2x2's and lay them on the ground 4 ft a part. Now place 1 of the 4x3 ft pieces on top.

Line them up evenly and screw on both pieces with 3 or 4 screws. Repeat with the other 4x3 ft piece.When both sides are fastened securely stand one up and fasten the 3x3 ft to the butt end. Take the other 3x4 ft piece and line it up with the other end of the 3x3 piece. Lay down 2 more 3 ft 2x2s and put the 3 ft by 32 inch piece down so that the 2 x 2's line up with the 3 ft ends.

Fasten the Puppy Pen Doors

Fasten these on with screws and this will be the door. Fasten the hinges to the inside of the left side of our pen with the screws that came with the hinges. One on top about 5 inches from the top and one on bottom 5 inches from the bottom. Make sure the bolt is facing the outside.Now line up the door and screw the other side to the door. Test the hinges to make sure the door opens and closes properly. Shut the door and screw the hook in the middle of the door. Screw the ere into the outside of the door. And test to make sure it will lock.

Set Up the Puppy Pen

Make sure you stock up on newspapers. that is the best thing to line your puppy pen with and It is easy to clean up. Put a blanket or pillow on one end of the pen that will be the sleeping quarters. Place the food on the other end. Puppies will spill there water and food and use the bathroom all over the place until they are potty trained. Thanks for watching. To learn more visit us on the web at

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