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Video:How to Bathe Dogs That Hate Water

with Mark Anderson

Some dogs absolutely hate getting bathed. But giving these dogs a bath doesn't need to be a big fight.See how to bathe dogs that hate water in a way that is less stressful for them and for you.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Bathe Dogs That Hate Water

Hi, I'm Mark Anderson, and I'm here from to show you how to give a bath to a dog that's afraid of water.

What You'll Need

For bigger dogs, you may need to use a leash; but for this dog I can do it without a leash. OK, so there's a few things you're going to need: First, some dog shampoo, second a big bowl and 3rd you're going to need a bunch of towels to dry him off after the bath.

Place Dog Gently in Bathtub

So you can probably tell that he is not so happy about going into the bathtub. I'm going to put him down gently and he's not going to like it. Just give him some petting so they know it is going to be OK.

Use a Bowl to Wet Dog

So the first thing you're going to do once you have him in here is take your bowl and gently start watering him down. You can tell he doesn't like it, but if we tried using a shower hose he would completely freak out. Dogs much prefer to be gently watered down with a bowl then hosed down by a shower.

Use Lots of Shampoo

Dogs like this Corgi have a lot of fur, so you have to put more soap than you would use on yourself to really get him lathered up. Hopefully your dog won't mind this part too much, because they are getting a massage. Clearly he doesn't like the water, but you can tell he doesn't mind getting rubbed.

Rinse Dog Free of Shampoo

If your dog stands up on the edge of the bath like this, it's actually good because you can soap down his stomach and chest. Once you get a nice thick lather like this, do the same thing with the bowl to wash the soap out. Really rub your fingers through their fur so that the soap gets out. At this point you should drain out the water and use clean water from the faucet to rinse him.

Dry Your Dog

Once you've gotten all the soap out it's time to dry him off. Usually your dog will help you with that by shaking, like he just did. I recommend drying them off at first in the bathtub so that they don't run around your house wet.

Thank you for joining me. To find out more about pet care, join us again at
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