Make Mittens From an Old Sweater - How to Sew DIY Mittens Video
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Video:How to Make Mittens From an Old Sweater

with Lea Elleseff

An old wool sweater is a terrible thing to waste. Why not turn it into a pair of mittens you can design any way you want? Find out how to make a cozy pair of mittens in a snap.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Make Mittens From an Old Sweater

Hi, I'm Lea Elleseff for, and today we are going to make a pair of mittens out of an old felted wool sweater.

Homemade Sweater Mitten Supplies

Here's what we'll need:
  • a threaded needle with a sizable clump of knots on one end
  • scissors fit for cutting through fabric
  • buttons for decorating
  • an old felted wool sweater

Felt the Wool Sweater

To felt the sweater, throw it in a washer and dryer on high heat. This will shrink your sweater making it more durable, more resistant to wind and easier to sew. And we are set to go.

Measure the First Mitten

Lay the sweater out flat, making sure to line up the back with the front the best you can. Place one of your hands at the bottom of the sweater towards its corresponding side. Include at least one inch of your wrist in the measurement. Spread you fingers out slightly with a little extra space between your pointer and your thumb.

Cut the Mitten From the Sweater

And simply cut out the sweater around the perimeter of your hand leaving half an inch between your hand and the cut. Once you get to your pinky cut the sweater straight off, leaving the side of the material in tact. This will save you some sewing time.

Cut Out the Second Mitten

Place your recently cut fabric over on the other side with the thumb pointing in the opposite direction, and cut out the second mitten using the first as a form.

Custom Design the Mittens

Next, sew on any designs you might want to. Today, I'm simply sewing on a button on each mitten to give the effect of an eye.

Sew the Homemade Mittens

Now take one mitten and fold it over so you can no longer see the button. And you are ready to sew your mitten shut.

Start at the bottom of your mitten to the side of the wrist. Make sure not to sew the wrist shut so eventually you or someone you know can actually wear it.

Homemade Mitten Tips

Once you do this to both mittens, you'll be left with these, and here comes the best part: turning the mittens inside out to see just what you made. In our case it's a pair of fish mittens!

Well, that's about it and remember when you try this at home you need not be an expert sewer. All you need is a little creativity. Don't forget to play around with your design to get it just the way you like it.

Thank you for joining me, to learn more visit us on the Web at
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