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Video:How to Turn a T-Shirt Into a Dress

with Lindsey Carrasco

Learn how to make a t-shirt into a dress. This look is a fun craft that easily takes a large t-shirt and turns it into a cute girl's dress. Learn how to make the t-shirt dress for truly unique fashion piece.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Turn a T-Shirt Into a Dress

Hi! This is Cindy with Learn2SewFlorida.com and today we are going to make a T-shirt dress.

Cut the T-Shirt

There are just a couple of things that we need to make this dress. One being a pair of scissors and the most important thing is your T-shirts and some ribbon. It's going to be very easy to make this. There is lot of fun things that you can make with T-shirts, but the very first thing that we want to do is we are going to go ahead and just cut these sleeves off. Go all the way down and cut your sleeves. Now, we are just going to cut straight off at the top up here. So I want to leave some of this picture in the final project, so I don't really want to cut that picture off. I am going to go straight off where this neck line is. I am going to go ahead and cut the back a little bit higher, but the very first thing that we need to do is make a little casing up at the top.

Case the T-Shirt for the Dress Straps

So I am going to go to the iron and we're going to go ahead and just fold over a little edge. To give it a little bit more support, we are going to fold it twice. After you fold the first one, you are going to fold the second one and press it. Now, we drill a couple of pins in and go to the sewing machine and sew this down. We don't want the fabric to shift on and move. So we are going to start and like I said we want to do our seam right at the edge of the fold, so we are making a little casing to run the ribbon through. So, we are going to do a couple of stitches in reverse and I am just going to follow this edge all the way down. And I am going to do the same thing on the other side, but that's my little casing to push it through.

Feed Ribbon Through the T-Shirt to Finish the Dress Straps

Okay, next we have our ribbon, and we are going to go ahead and run the ribbon through here and the ribbon is going to tie at the shoulders on both sides. So we just need enough for the fabric for it to run through. So I am going to cut two pieces about 30 inches. The bigger the person, the more the more of this you are going to need, the more of the ribbon, but we want them to be the same.

So there are two ways to this put this ribbon through and I will show you both ways. This little tool comes out on the other end. I am going to hook the ribbon on this and it's going to pull the ribbon through, and it just pulls it through. So, that's going to be one, and then when we pull it tight like this and it's going to tie. The other way to do it is with a safety pin. Put the safety pin on the end and you push the safety pin through. Push the fabric on to the pin and then you pull it off, push the fabric on, pull it off and make a little bow for your shoulders and then you have got a cute little dress made out of a T-shirt that are great for the summer time for the kids or even adults to do. So, this is how you make a T-shirt dress.

I am Cindy with Learn2SewFlorida.com. Thank you very much.
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