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Video:Get the Look: Poison Ivy Costume

with Zoya Popova

A Poison Ivy costume, based on the Batman Villain, is easy to create using an old t-shirt and artificial leaves. Check out this video on how you can make your own Poison Ivy costume.See Transcript

Transcript:Get the Look: Poison Ivy Costume

Hi, I'm Zoya Popova for, and today I'm going to show you how to make a Poison Ivy costume.

Items Needed for the Poison Ivy Costume:

  • artificial ivy leaves
  • oversized t-shirt
  • a fabric marker
  • scissors
  • safety pins
  • a hot glue gun
  • a sewing machine, a hand-sewing kit, or no-stitch hem

Choose a Base Garment for the Poison Ivy Costume

For this costume, the first thing you should decide on is your base garment. It can be anything from a dress to a long tunic top. And if you're feeling particularly daring, you can wear a bandeau swimsuit, which will be a perfect stand-in for Poison Ivy's leotard.

However, the problem is, your base garment will be ruined by all the stitching or hot glue that you apply to it, so it may be a better option to create a base from an old over sized t-shirt.

Mark the Fabric

Start by putting the t-shirt on, wrong side out, and use a fabric marker to mark the outlines of your future dress. It may be enough to simply cut off half of the shirt's top to create a one-strap look, but you can also fit the t-shirt to create a more flattering shape.

Just secure some safety pins onto the bust, hip, and waistline. Be aware not to make it too tight, as this may create problems putting it on. Then, take off the shirt and define the shape with your fabric marker. Now, stitch along the markings, try it on to make sure it's not too tight, and cut away all the excess fabric created by the stitching.

Attach Ivy Leaves

Now it's time to apply your artificial ivy leaves. In fact, they don't have to be ivy – any bunch or garland of artificial leaves will do, and you can pick those up at your local arts and crafts store. Remove the leaves from the twigs, but make sure you keep the stems, this way will hold better. Be very careful with your hot glue gun and never touch freshly applied glue directly. As you go along, arrange the leaves into rosettes, so that they come together at the stems and spread out different ways.

Alternate the sides of the leaves: the face side usually has a rich, deep green color, while the reverse side features all those interesting veins in the leaf. Also, mix up the sizes, the colors, and the directions your leaves are facing—in short, try to replicate a natural look. In nature, there is no such thing as solid colors, or straight lines. Using your ivy leaves you can create a pattern on your base garment or for a truly stunning look you can cover all of your dress and t-shirt surface.

If you go with the latter option this will remove the limitations on the color of your base garment. It can be any dark color since nobody will see it. If you do plan to cover the whole surface make sure you have enough leaves. At least two large garlands will be required to cover an average sized mini dress.

Accessorize to Complete the Poison Ivy Costume

Complete your Poison Ivy costume with tall boots and green tights, wear your locks loose, and cover them with some red and orange hair spray. Thank you for watching, and for more costume ideas, please visit us at

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