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Video:Safety Tips for Diving

with George Taylor III

Competitive divers pay close attention to safety. Watch this video to how divers apply safe practices before performing a dive from a spring board or platform.See Transcript

Transcript:Safety Tips for Diving

Good afternoon, my name is George Taylor, diving coach for Long Island Diving, and I'm here to talk about diving and diving safety tips. 

Diving Clearance is Crucial for Safety

In diving, what we really rely on is board and tower clearance. We want to make sure that there is room for the diver to be able to maneuver and perform their pirouettes, twists and lineups. It's very important because a lot of divers have a tendency to drop their shoulders, or lean forward or do something that puts their body in a position that they're either going to be tight or loose. 

Concentrate on the Diving Maneuver

Before a diver performs a dive on springboard, what they're doing is concentrating mentally. What the coach really wants to rely on is that the diver is loose, thinking about their dive, so at times what you'll see is the diver going through a routine motion of what dive they're about to perform. What the diver wants to do, again, is make sure they're loose, clear their thoughts, and see the dive in their mind and see themselves performing the dive for 10's in the best possible manner to get themselves in the water, getting a good jump, a good lineup, and lockout for their entry.

Spring Board and Platform Diving Safety

Before any of that, the divers will check the spring of the board, make sure the spring is appropriately adjusted, because very diver is different and every takeoff is different so you want to make sure that the board is set at the appropriate area to give you more or less spring depending on the diver. It's the approach and the hurdle that gives you a good top, that gives you the ability to have a great jump, perform your pirouettes and your twists and a good lineup into the water. Before they're even set, what you want to do is check and make sure that the area is clear. Before you get on the board, you take a little peek, look over and see that there's nobody in the water, make sure that you have safe clearance, that there's nothing around that's going to distract you, the you approach and get on the board, relax yourself and then be prepared to perform. Thank you for watching, and for more great tips on diving, be sure to check out     


Special thanks to our divers: Cameron Yuen, Noel Theroux, Youssef Ibrahim and Renee Lee.

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