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Video:iMovie Transitions

with Isaac Brody

Use Apple iMovie transitions to make your jumps from one video scene to another smoother and more professional-looking.See Transcript

Transcript:iMovie Transitions

Hi. I'm Isaac Brody for Computing. Today I'll teach you how to add transitions to your video clips in Apple's iMovie.

First open up your movie project or create a new project and import video clips. I've already placed clips on the timeline. After arranging your video you might want to add transitions to your project.

iMovie Transitions Window

To add transitions, click on the Transitions icon. This brings up the Transitions Window. Here are a list of different transitions.

Transition Preview

If you click on a transition it previews in the small preview window in the right corner. If you press the preview button you can watch the transition in the large preview timeline.

Transition Speed

You can change the speed of the transition by dragging the speed slider. Some transitions can be used for creative effect while others denote the passage of time.

Cross Dissolves

A Cross Dissolve is the most basic transition and implies time elapsing between the events in the clips.

Push Transitions

The Push Transition allows you extra settings to adjust the direction of the transition. Just click on any of the direction levels.

Add Transitions to iMovie Timeline

Once you pick a transition click and drag it between two clips. When you drop the transition a red line appears below the transition. The computer needs to process the effect and the red line shows the progress.

Edit iMovie Transitions

If you're in a different tab like clips or photos and want to adjust a specific transition, you can hit Ctrl and click on the transition and select Edit Transitions.


If you don't like the transition, you can select it and hit Delete. But I do like it, so I'll go to Edit, Undo. I'll position the play head at the beginning of the timeline and hit the Spacebar or hit the Play button to preview my video. And that's how you work with Transitions in Apple's iMovie.

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