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Video:Create Transitions in Windows Movie Maker

with Isaac Brody

Smooth out new scene and clip starts in your video projects with the help of Windows Movie Maker transitions including dissolves and fades.See Transcript

Transcript:Create Transitions in Windows Movie Maker

Hi. I'm Isaac Brody for Computing. Today I'll teach you how to add transitions in Windows Movie Maker.

Show Timeline

First open up your movie project. I've already placed clips on the timeline. If you can't see the timeline, and see the storyboard instead, click on the Show Timeline button. Adding dissolves and other effects helps smooth transitions between clips in your videos.

Transition Options

Next to the Collections button is a drop-down menu. Click it and select Video Transitions. Here is a list of various transitions you can use. One of the useful tools in Movie Maker is that it will show you what each transition does. To see what a transition will look like, click on a transition and click Play in the preview window. If the preview window is too big or too small click and drag it.

Transition Types

Some transitions can be used for artistic expression while others denote the passage of time. A fade is the most basic transition and implies time elapsing between the events in the clips. I'll scroll down and find a transition I like.

Inserting Transitions

To add this transition, I can drag and drop it between two clips. The shaded area shows the transition. In the timeline there is a transition track. There is our new transition. If I go to the left edge of this transition, I can trim the length.

Transition Editing

If you want to replace a transition with another one, all you have to do is drag and drop a new one over it. If you want to delete a transition, click on it and hit the Delete button.

Transitions can be fun to use as well as make a movie look more professional.

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