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Video:Edit Clips in Windows Movie Maker

with Isaac Brody

The difference between an effective and a boring video is tight editing. Learn the basic steps to get started editing your raw footage with Windows Movie Maker.See Transcript

Transcript:Edit Clips in Windows Movie Maker

Hi. I'm Isaac Brody for Computing. Today I'll teach you how to edit your clips in Windows Movie Maker.

Edit Timeline

When you start up Movie Maker, you may see the storyboard on the bottom. I like editing on a timeline, so click on the Show Timeline button.

When you capture your video, it's stored in the Collections Folder. Click on it to view your clips.

Basic Movie Maker Clip Edit

To do basic editing, click and drag a clip into the timeline. Make sure you drop your video into the video track. If the video appears too small, click on the zoom tool. You can add a second clip and drop it next to the first clip.

Trim Edits

If you want to trim the length of the clip, click on the edge of a clip and drag it. Click on top of the timeline and drag to move around a play head.

Split Edits in Movie Maker

If you want to split a clip into two clips, make sure the clip is selected, and move the play head to where you want to cut. Now click on the Split Clip icon.


We can now delete one of these two new clips by pressing delete or we can move it to another spot.

Adding Transition in Movie Maker

If you take a clip and drag it over another clip in the timeline, Movie Maker automatically inserts a dissolve between the clips.

That's the shaded area. If you right click on the dissolve, you can select fade in, fade out or other video effects.

Clip Preview

The default preview screen is on your right. If it's too big or too small you can drag the edge. Now I want to watch my movie. You can position the play head at the beginning of the timeline and press the Play button or you can right click and choose Play Timeline.

And that's how you edit clips in Windows Movie Maker. Thanks for watching. For more information, please visit us online at
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