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Video:Windos Movie Maker Effects

with Isaac Brody

Use Windows Movie Maker Effects to liven up your videos- add authenticity, motion, and distinction to your projects.See Transcript

Transcript:Windos Movie Maker Effects

Hi. I'm Isaac Brody for Computing.

Today I'll teach you how to add video effects in Windows Movie Maker. First open up your movie project. I've already placed clips on the timeline. If you can't see the timeline, and see the storyboard instead, click on the Show Timeline button.

Video effects can be simply fun, they can also be useful when you're trying to tell a story, and they can give your clips a distinct look.

Movie Maker Effects Menu

Next to the Collections button is a drop-down menu. Click it and select Video Effects. Here is a list of various effects you can use.

Preview Effects

One of the useful aspects of Movie Maker is that it will show you what each effect does. To see what an effect will look like, click on one of the effects and click Play in the preview window. If the preview window is too big or too small click and drag it.

Choose Movie Maker Effects

I'll scroll down and find an effect I like. Let's try the Film Age Oldest Filter. Click on it and press Play in the preview window. This gives our clip the look of an old silent film.

Add Effects to Timeline

To add this effect to one of our clips, I can drag and drop it onto a clip. A Star appears in the video track under the clip's name. You can add multiple effects to one clip. Let's drag another effect onto our clip. Now there are two stars overlapping one another.

Undo Effects

To remove a filter, right click on the clip and select Video Effects. Here we can actually add more effects by selecting them from the list and clicking Add. If we want to remove an effect, just click on its name and hit Remove. When you're satisfied, click OK.

Movie Maker Motion Effects

We can also add motion effects. So far we've just changed the look of the clip. To change the speed of the clip you can drag and drop one of the speed filters. There are two: Slow Down, half, and Speed Up, double.

Video filters can be a lot of fun to play with and a great way to add some style to your movies.

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