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Video:Using Photos in iMovie

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iMovie is an excellent software with a simple interface that can easily arrange and display photos of your choosing. Discover the many ways to use photos in iMovie and experiment with your own projects.See Transcript

Transcript:Using Photos in iMovie

Here's how you work with photos in iMovie. 

Start a New Project

To start a new project, you would click on this plus sign.  We can change the name of this project and I'm going to change this to stills and then from here, we could change the aspect ratio, frame rate and since I want to have a cross dissolve between each shot, I'm going to leave this checked and then hit create. 

From here, I can then start dragging in photos to this project.  In order to do that, I'm going to open up my finder and in my pictures library, I'm going to start selecting different photos and then I can just drag it straight into my project window in iMovie.

Arrange Your Media

Another way to import movies into your iMovie project is by selecting this camera icon and then in my iPhoto library, I can then start selecting albums and in those albums, I can select photos and then drag them in this way.  As you can see, iMovie organizes the photos, left to right in a timeline and by pressing play, you can preview what you have in your timeline. 

iMovie by the fall place your photos for 4.2 seconds.  You can change that by clicking the gear and moving over to clip adjustments.  From there, the inspector window will open and you can change duration and apply to all stills and then click done.  Now your photos will play 1 second instead of 4.2 seconds.  If I want to move the order of the photos, I click and drag with the hand and let go of the desired position.

Cropping & The Ken Burns Effect

Last, let's work on cropping a photo.  Select the photo you want to crop and then select the icon on a bottom for cropping.  By default, iMovie automatically incorporates the Ken Burns effect to photos.  This will give a very slow zoom from the starting point which is the outside, this green box to the red box, the endpoint. 

To change it, I can just click and then drag the starting green box to where I want it to go and when I click play, it will zoom out to the red box on the outside.  If I decide I actually wanted to zoom in, I can just switch the order.  Make the starting point the end point.  I can click on this icon and simply reverse the order.  So now I'm zooming in instead of out. 

By pressing play, I can then watch the preview of my photo slideshow. 

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