Transfer Movies from VHS to DVD with a Camcorder Video
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Video:Transfer Movies from VHS to DVD with a Camcorder

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If you've got old VHS tapes with movies you'd like to watch, it's not that hard to transfer them to a DVD. This video will teach you how to do that, using a camcorder.See Transcript

Transcript:Transfer Movies from VHS to DVD with a Camcorder

To transfer movies from VHS to DVD using a camcorder, you're going to need a VHS player, a camcorder and RCA cables, the red, white and yellow cables.

Transfer Movie From VHS to Camera

Find the line out on the back of your VHS player and connect the yellow, white, and red cables.  On your camcorder, find your RCA cable connections as well and connect your yellow, white, and red cables. 

Turn your camera to play mode, not record mode, but play mode. And then put your cassette in the VHS deck and press play. After seeing your image on your camera, press record on your camera. Now your camera will begin to record what is playing on your VHS tape. In this case, it is an old ultrasound video. 

Move Footage From Camera to Computer

After you've recorded everything, it's time to import this footage into your computer, so you'll need a computer with editing software and a Firewire cable. In this case, I'm using a 4-pin to 6-pin cable. This is the 4-pin end. This will go into my camera. I'm going to put the 6-pin into the computer. If my computer had a Firewire 800 port, I'd be using a 4-pin to 9-pin Firewire cable.

Once your camera is connected to your computer, you can then open up your editing software. Be sure that your camera is still on VTR play mode and then press play on your camera. The image will appear on your computer screen and you can press import. From there, you can give your project a name. Once you click import, the footage from your camera will then go into the computer.

Burn Movie to DVD

So we've now moved your movie from a VHS cassette tape to a camcorder and then to a computer. Now you're ready to burn a DVD as long as there isn't anything you want to edit. Now, I'm in iDVD here, and I'm going to make a 1-step DVD from my movie. I'll select my movie and when I put in a blank DVD to burn, I'll soon have a DVD of a movie that I used to have on VHS. 

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