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Creating a Slideshow in iMovie is easy to create with some image sand music. Grab some helpful tips and begin to experiment with your own projects.See Transcript

Transcript:iMovie Slideshow

Here's how to make a basic slideshow in iMovie. 

Gather Your Images

The first thing we will need is images.  So we are going to click on our camera icon here and this is going to bring out the photos in our photo albums in iPhoto.  So I am going to click on a few of this, highlight them and then drag them over to the project window.  Let them go and they'll copy over.  You can see as we hover of the mouse, we have a little movie.

To change the length in our slideshow, we are going to hover over our image and then click on the gear icon here to clip adjustments.  The inspector window shows, under durations that were being 4.2 seconds.  I'm going to change it to 2 seconds, apply to all stills and done.

Add Some Music

To add music to our slideshow, let's go over to this music icon.  When I select it, the music that I have in my iTunes library shows up.  I'm going to select this dramatic song, click and drag it over and hover it over the image where I want the music to start.  So we've got our images, we've got our song.  Now we are going to change the transition between the images.

iMovie automatically gives us this standard dissolves between photos but let's say we want to change that.  What I'm going to do is head over to my transitions icon here and I get lots of options here for transitions.  I'm going to take this slide and drag it over the original transition and going to replace all 5 transitions with this slide and there we go.

Experiment With Special Effects

Now, let's add some special effects to these photos.  Select the gear icon again and go into clip adjustments.  In the inspector down to video effect and now, as you hover over each of the effects, you can see the effect on your image.  Select the one you want to choose.  Then you can go into your next image. 

Select the video effect button, hover over the effects that you are considering and then onto the following image.  You can continue selecting individual effects for each image and when you are all set selecting your effects, click done.

From here, you can playback your slideshow with new transitions, effects, and music.  For more information, visit

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