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Video:Record Live From a Camera

with Don Schechter

Cut out the middle man and record straight from your video camera to your computer. Not sure how? This easy tutorial shows you the ropes.See Transcript

Transcript:Record Live From a Camera

Hi, I'm Don Schechter for Computing. Today I'll show you how to record with your video camera straight into your computer using Vista.

Create a Folder for the Video

First, connect the camera to your computer and turn it on. Be sure to set it to record mode.

A video import wizard will appear. Type the name of the video you are about to shoot. Click 'browse' to tell Vista where to save the video file. I will make a new folder and save it there. Click 'OK.'

Select the Format of the Video

In the format dropdown menu, select the type of format you want your video to be in.

The first one will save it as an avi file. The second one will save it as a single Windows media video file, even if you stop recording then start again.

The third choice will also save the video as a Windows media video file but will create a different video file each time you start and stop recording. I'll choose Windows media video one file per scene. Click 'next.'

Start Recording the Footage

Click the 'start video import' button to start recording the feed. Since the camera is connected to the computer, you can't go very far with the camera.

Click 'stop video import' to pause the recording. If you chose wmv single file, you can press stop and start again and both clips will be saved in the same file.

I chose wmv one file per scene, so when I click 'start' again, it will record a new file.

Tips for Starting or Stopping the Recording

You can start and stop as many times as you like to get the footage you want. Be aware of how much space you have on your computer for video files. Usually every five minutes or so takes up 1 gigabyte of space on your hard drive.

View the Finished Video

Click 'finish' when you have all the footage you want. You can view your video in the photo gallery window that pops up.

Here are the separate files in the folder I created. I can now edit them in Windows Movie Maker or put them online for my friends and family to see.

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