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Video:Windows Movie Maker Slideshow

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A slideshow can be a great way to tell a story or display a set of photos. This video will show you how to make a slideshow in Windows Movie Maker.See Transcript

Transcript:Windows Movie Maker Slideshow

Import Photos for Slideshow

When creating a slideshow, the first thing I need to do is bring in my photos. So I'm going to File, down to Import into Collections, from there I'm going to select all of my photos by clicking on one, holding the Shift key going down to the bottom photo, highlighting all, then clicking Import.

Edit Length of Photos in Timeline

Now that my photos are in my project, I'm ready to edit. I'm going to highlight just a few by holding Control and clicking my mouse, and now I've got five photos in my timeline, but I need to click on Show Timeline in order to start editing.

You can see that the duration of the photos is ten seconds apiece. I want to change that. In order to do that, I'm going to click on the numbers above the photo, and I'lll get a blue indicator. Be sure that your photo is highlighted, from there I can click on the end of the shot and drag it out to the right. My photo is now twelve seconds. If I put my timeline marker between shots and change the length of a photo you'll see the other photos close in to close the gap.

Adding Transitions in Windows Movie Maker

To create transitions, go up to the Transitions icon and you'll see a large selection of transitions to choose from. In order to use them, just click on one and drag it into the transition track below and between the shots you want to transition for. I can select another transition, drag it between the two shots into the transition track and I'll have a transition there as well.

Adding Music to the Slideshow

Now it's time to add music. I'll go to File, Import, and down to my music file, select it and import. From there I can drag it down to the audio music track, and there it is. The only problem is the music is running much longer than the photos, so I want to cut it at the end of the last photo. I'll drag my timeline marker to the end of the last photo, and then I'm going to move up to clip, and down to Set End Trim-Point. Selecting that will then cut my music. I can then hit play on my timeline and watch my video.

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