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Video:Outdoor Home Video Tips

with Leann Bello

Outdoor home videos are a special challenge- lighting, background, and subjects are often in motion. But, with these tips you'll be able to make your outdoor home videos as fun to watch as they were to make.See Transcript

Transcript:Outdoor Home Video Tips

Hi, I'm Leann Bello with About.com Gadgets.

Why Some Outdoor Home Video Tips Help

Exterior home videos are a special challenge. When traveling or visiting public spaces, we want to capture as many of our memories as possible. Be sure to follow these tips if you want your home videos to be as fun to watch as they were to make.

Outdoor Home Video Color Temperature

If your camera is not properly set, your outdoor video will look very blue. This is because daylight and indoor or tungsten light have different color temperatures.

Many video cameras have an automatic feature to correct for this problem, but if your camera has a manual control for daylight/tungsten light, be sure to have it on the sunlight setting.

Outdoor Home Video Tripod or Monopod

Tripod or monopod. The most important thing to remember when shooting home movies outside is to have a camera support. Home video cameras keep getting smaller, but even with image stabilizing features, the video image can get very shaky. A tripod or monopod, can help to make your videos smoother.

Camcorder Zoom for Outdoor Home Video

Don't zoom. Zooming can make your home videos very shaky and uncontrolled, and in some cases can make the resolution of your image.

Zooming is also distracting when it is not motivated. If possible, turn off the camera and move closer to your subject to get the close up. When you move closer you are able to use a wider lens, which makes things look less shaky, and you also avoid digital zoom, which makes the pixels in your image larger, rather than changing the lens size.(Optical v. Digital zoom). Another way to avoid pixelation is to simply disable digital zoom on your camera.

Outdoor Home Video and Sunlight

Try not to stand in front of the sun. This will cause your subject to be underexposed and sunspots or glares to appear in the video. Try to move your subject to a shadier area.

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