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Video:Windows Movie Maker Music

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Music is an integral part of any video you're editing on Movie Maker. This video will demonstrate how to import and use music in Windows Movie Maker.See Transcript

Transcript:Windows Movie Maker Music

I have a slide show that needs some music to it, so the first thing to do is Import. 

Importing Music Into Movie Maker

I'm going to go to File, down to Import into Collections. On my desktop, I'm going to find My Music, because that's where I know it is. By double-clicking it, it'll show up in My Collections. I'm going to create a new folder for it by clicking on this icon, and then naming the folder Music. Going back up to Collection, quickly, I can then get to the music and drag it into the folder. It's a nice way of organizing my media.  

Placing Music on a Timeline

I can listen to my music by pressing play. And then to bring it into my Timeline, I can click and drag it into the Audio/Music track. I can start my music anywhere I decide to release the mouse. Here, you can see, it's 20 frames in, here it's 60 frames in, but I want to start my music at the beginning. And there it is. 

Editing Music in Movie Maker

If I want to fade in my music, I select the music and highlight it, and then I bring my Timeline Marker to the beginning of the track. From there, I go to Clip, down to Audio, and down to Fade In. I can create a Fade Out as well, but you can see as I move my Timeline along, my music is much longer than the visual, so I'm going to cut my music. You do that by bringing your Timeline Marker to the end of your video track, and then clicking your mouse, highlighting your Timeline Marker blue. Go up to Clip, and down to Set End Trim Point. From there, your music will be cut to where your marker is. Now, I can create a Fade Out. By going back up to Clip, down to Audio, and the over to Fade Out. 

Changing Music Volume

Finally, let's change the volume of the music. To Clip, down to Audio, down to Volume. And here, you can adjust the volume. You can raise it higher, you can lower the music, and then when you're ready, select OK. Then you can listen to your Slideshow.  

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