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Video:Windows Movie Maker: Importing

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Importing media is the only way to have anything to work with in Windows Movie Maker. This video will teach you the important task of importing media in Movie Maker.See Transcript

Transcript:Windows Movie Maker: Importing

To import media into Windows Movie Maker, go up to File and down to Import into Collections. From there, you'll be able to find and import your media. Since I'm creating a photo slide show, I'm selecting this watermelon photo and I'm going to work on importing these pictures.

Importing One or More Files

If I just wanted one photo, I can select it, click Import and there it is. If I wanted to select more than one photo, I go to File and Import into Selections again, and then by hitting the Control key, and clicking on different photos, I can be selective of the photos I want to import, and once I'm ready, I can click Import, and there they are. 

Importing a Whole Folder Into Movie Maker

If I want to select all of the photos from the folder, go back to Import into Collections, and from there, highlight the first photo of the group, hold the Shift key down, click he last photo of the group, and then all photos will be highlighted. From there, click Import, and all of your photos now will be in Movie Maker from your folder. 

Organizing Media in Windows Movie Maker

If you want to organize your photos more, you can create a folder. Do that by going to the top here, and selecting the New Folder icon. Type in the name of the folder you want to create - in this case, it's Photos, then select Collections. Then go to your photos and select the photos you want to import. In this case I want to select all, so I'll click the first photo, hold Shift, go to the bottom photo, elect all, and then I'm going to drag them into the Photos folder. 

Importing Music

Now, I want to bring in some music. Go to File, Import into Collection, on my desktop, there's a WAV file for some music, select Import, and there it is. To create a new folder for the music, go back up to your New Folder icon, select it, and then type in the name of your folder. In this case, it's going to be Music. Go up to Collections, select it to go to your music file, from here and can then drag in the music file. 

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