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Video:Final Cut Pro: How to Mix Audio

with Chris Davis

Mixing Audio in Final Cut Pro 7 doesn't have to be difficult. Watch this video from to see instructions for doing it as easily and in as few steps as possible.See Transcript

Transcript:Final Cut Pro: How to Mix Audio

Hi I'm Chris Davis for The process of mixing Audio can be a bit of an art form, however, lets go over some of the basics in Final Cut Pro.

Basics of Mixing Audio in Final Cut Pro

Looking at your audio meter we are aiming for -12 to -8 db with an occasional spike of -6 (maybe) Dialogue is generally set around these levels. Background music and effects, you will peak around -20db or lower, but again it depends on the project you are working on.

Instructions for Mixing Audio in Final Cut Pro

To mix audio you are essentially blending multiple audio tracks together. Drag your music down to the A3, A4 audio tracks. Listen to it. We need to correct two problems. The dialogue is too low and the music is too high. Lets start with setting the dialogue levels. On the left hand side of the timeline mute the music tracks. Listen to the audio again. The levels are a little too low. Press the clip overlay button in the lower left hand corner of the timeline. Using the pink clip overlay line. Make the adjustment so that the average of your dialogue falls around -10db.

More Instructions for Mixing Audio in Final Cut Pro

Now turn the music back on. Listen. The music is still to high. Using the same method as we did for the dialogue adjust the music to average around -20db. This is where the art begins. If it still sounds too loud slowly adjust it down until you have the mix you are trying to achieve.

If you would like the music to rise and fall in different spots throughout your video we will need to add a few keyframes. With your clip overlay active choose the pen tool. Click on the pink line adding a point at which you want to start a change. Add a second point and adjust your audio accordingly.

You can cross dissolve two audio clips together by adding an audio transition. Select the effects tab in the Browser. Click the Audio Transition arrow and select cross fade. drag it between two clips.

The cross fade effect can also be used to fade out audio. Either drag the effect from the browser You can also key frame a fade out by placing two points on the overlay line and dragging the second point to zero.

There are many other methods for mixing audio in final cut pro. Check out's Desktop video for additional tips. To learn more check us out on the web at About. Com. Thanks for watching.

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