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Video:Final Cut Pro: How to Export for the Web

with Chris Davis

Once you've edited a video, the next step is exporting it so that people can watch it on the web. This video will show you the proper settings for exporting a video for the web in Final Cut Pro.See Transcript

Transcript:Final Cut Pro: How to Export for the Web

Hi, I'm Chris Davis for Once you have completed your project in Final Cut Pro, it's time to share it with the world. Here's how to export for the web.

Export From FCP Using Quicktime Conversion

Before you export make sure your video is rendered. Click in your timeline to make it active. Then under sequence select render all. This is a good habit to get into, to ensure your video is prepped. Next select File, Export, Using Quicktime Conversion. A pop up window will appear. Name your file and select where to save it.

Change Video Settings

Now under format, confirm that Quicktime movie is selected. Under Use, leave the default settings in place. Click options. A second pop up window will open. Under Video, click settings. A third window will open. Under Compression type, select H.264. Set the Frame rate to Current. Set Key Frames to Automatic. Set Compressor quality to Best and set Encoding to Best Quality. Click OK. 

Now move to the size setting. Another pop up window will open. Under Dimension, select Current. This will export your video at the highest resolution. Select the Deinterlace Source Video check box and then Click OK.

Change Audio Settings

Finally, under Audio click Settings and change the format to AAC and the rate to 44.100. This will help bring down the file size a little bit. Click OK.

Now click Save. Depending on the length of your video it should render fairly quickly.

There are a few more advanced methods to exporting in Final Cut Pro. Check out's Desktop video site for additional tips. To learn more check us out on the web at Thanks for watching.

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