Final Cut Pro: How to Dip to Black (Quick Tip) Video
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Video:Final Cut Pro: How to Dip to Black (Quick Tip)

with Chris Davis

A dip to black is a really common and nice-looking transition that's easy to do in Final Cut Pro. This video will show you how to do a dip to black in FCP.See Transcript

Transcript:Final Cut Pro: How to Dip to Black (Quick Tip)

Hi, I'm Chris Davis for Let's go over how to fade or dip your video to black in Final Cut Pro.

Dipping your video to black as a transition between two video clips can be accomplished a few ways.

Primary Method of Dipping to Black in Final Cut Pro

Place two clips in your timeline. Move to your browser and click the Effects tab. If the tab is missing, use the key stroke command 5. This will bring back the Effects tab. Now click the arrow next to the Video Transitions folder. Click the arrow next to Dissolve. Select Dip to Color Dissolve and drag and drop it between your two clips. You have completed the effect.

You can right click on the effect in the timeline to change the duration or you can double click on the effect in the timeline which will load the effects options in the viewer.  Here you can change duration as well as color.

Another Way to Dip to Black in FCP

Another method is to key frame the effect. Click the Clip Overlay button in the lower left hand corner of the timeline. You will notice a black line at the top of your clips. Now select your pen tool. Place the tool where you want to start the effect and click on the black line. A point will appear. Place another point at the end of the clip and drag down. Now place two more points on the second clip and do the same. This method comes in handy if you want have different durations on each clip. Just drag the start point left or right.

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