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Video:Final Cut Pro: How to Color Correct Footage

with Chris Davis

Do you know how to color correct footage in Final Cut Pro? If you don't, we'll teach you in this video from Transcript

Transcript:Final Cut Pro: How to Color Correct Footage

Hi I'm Chris Davis for let's take a look at how to correct the color of your video footage in Final Cut Pro 7.

Options for Color Correcting in Final Cut Pro

There are several ways that you can alter or correct your video color in Final Cut, however, for quick easy correction we are going to use the Color Corrector 3-way filter. Start by double clicking your clip in the time line. Next go to Effects, Video Filters, Color Correction and finally Color Corrector 3-way. You will now notice a fourth tab above the Viewer window called Color Corrector 3-way. Click it to make it active. You will see three color wheels. Blacks, Mids, and Whites.

Tips for Color Correcting in Final Cut

You can continue your color correction visually or you can bring in the video scopes for further assistance. To do this go to window, Arrange, Color Correction. Your video scopes should now be open. We will use the Vector scope on the top and the waveform monitor on the bottom as we color correct.

Additional Ways to Color Correct Footage

Back on your Color corrector filter click the eye dropper next to the Whites color wheel. Move to your footage and find a piece of the clip that should be white, click it. You should already notice a change in the overall tone. Next move to the eye dropper next to the Black color wheel, click it. move to your footage and select something that is black. You have now set your black and white levels. Notice that in each color wheel the color selector has moved to balance the image. You can manually move this to change the look for effect. You can also reset each wheel by clicking the small white dot on the right of each wheel.

Looking at your Vector scope notice the pink line. This represents flesh tone.

Stand up: This next step you may want to use your first few times. As you get better you will understand what part of the glowing blob is flesh tone and really won't need to do it.

Other Steps for Color Correcting in Final Cut Pro

Using your crop tool, crop the image so that only the subjects flesh tone is visible. This will eliminate all the other colors from the vector scope. Now you can make adjustments on the Mids color wheel aligning the glow with the flesh tone line. Now open your motion tab reset your crop.

At this point you can make minor adjustments to the black, whites, and saturation sliders. This is where Color correcting becomes personal preference and a bit of an art.

Just remember a little bit of adjustment goes a long way. To learn more check us out on the web at Thanks for watching.

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