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Video:Final Cut Pro Export for Web

with Isaac Brody

Do you want to post videos on the Web? Learn how to export your movies from Final Cut Pro into a Web-friendly format.See Transcript

Transcript:Final Cut Pro Export for Web

Hi, I'm Isaac Brody for Computing.

Today I'll teach you how to export your movie for the web using Final Cut Pro. Once you've created your movie in the timeline there are multiple ways to export your film.

Final Cut Pro High Quality Export

The first way is for exporting your film at full quality. Go up to File, Export, Quicktime Movie. We'll click on Setting, and keep it on Current settings to match our project. Let's make sure to Include, Audio and Video. And I'll ignore the markers tab since I didnt set any.

Make sure the Make Movie Self-Contained button is checked, otherwise other computers wont be able to open the file.

If I hit the save button it'll export the movie fullsize. A full size movie clip is useful when giving someone a DVD, but not for the web. I'll hit cancel.

Final Cut Pro Export Format

We need to compress and encode our video for the web. Let's go back to File, Export, and choose Using Quicktime Conversion. I'll name the file, make sure the format is Quicktime movie, and I'll click on options. I'll click on the settings, and under compression type I'll select H264. This is the latest quicktime compression.

Another popular compression setting is Sorenson Video. I'll keep the settings as is and click ok.

Final Cut Pro Web Export Size

Now I'll click Size. I'll click the dimensions tab and click on custom. Web videos are seldom encoded at the videos original size, because the larger the size the longer it takes to watch and download.

The resolution of fullsize standard definition video is 720 X 480. Were going to export at 480 X 360, which retains the aspect ratio of our movie video. I'll click OK.

Final Cut Pro Web Export Audio

Now we'll encode the audio. Make sure Sound is checked and click on settings. Under format I'll select IMA 4:1.

Under rate I'll select 22.05. These settings will help shrink the file size. And I'll hit OK. And OK one more time.

Completing Web Export

And finally hit save. You have to wait a few minutes for the movie to export. And there's our video ready for the web.

Thanks for watching. For more information, please visit us online at
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