Windows Movie Maker: Exporting Video
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Video:Windows Movie Maker: Exporting

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Once you're done editing your video in Movie Maker, it's time to export it. This video will show you the steps for exporting in Windows Movie Maker.See Transcript

Transcript:Windows Movie Maker: Exporting

Once you've got your movie edited and want to export, go up to File and down to Save Movie File.

Name Your File and Choosing Where to Export

From there you'll be able to make choices on how you want to save. For instance, you can save straight to your computer or to your camera. I'll be saving to my computer. Click Next. From here you can choose a name for your movie. I'm going to call mine "Slideshow". You can then choose a place to save your movie. There are defaults such as My Videos or Public Videos, but I'm going to browse and choose a place specifically to save my movie. I'm choosing desktop so I can access it nice and easily. Click Ok, then here you can see that your movie is being saved to the desktop.

Choosing Your Export Settings

Clicking Next will bring you to the movie setting page. Here you can choose the default setting, best quality for playback on your computer, and this will give you the highest resolution for an export. You can also show more choices and here you can get specific about how you export. If your export can be no larger than 2 megabytes, you can do that here. You can also click to other settings where you can create a video for pocket PC, which will create a very small sized video; you can create a high quality video which will have a larger size, and you can pick everything in between.

Checking the Export Setting Details

After you make your selection, go on down and you can see the setting details, and the movie file size. In setting details it'll tell you everything about the video. What type it is, it's a Windows Media Video, the bit rate, the display rate, aspect ratio, how many frames per second it's running, it's also going to tell you the movie file size. So the estimated space required for this video is 2.83 megabytes. There are almost 210 gigabytes on the hard drive, and that's going to tell me that when my movie is finished exporting that it will have no problem fitting on the drive. Click Next and then your movie will start exporting. The size of the movie will tell you how long it's going to take to export.

Once your movie has finished exporting, as long as Play Movie when Exporting is checked, once you click Finish, your movie will play for you automatically.

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