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Video:iMovie Titles

with Isaac Brody

Give your movie the finishing touch it needs- Add both professional-looking titles and credits to your videos in Apple iMovie.See Transcript

Transcript:iMovie Titles

Hi. I'm Isaac Brody for Computing.

Today I'll teach you how to add titles to your video project in Apple's iMovie. First open up your movie project or create a new project and import clips. I've already placed clips on the Timeline. After arranging your video you might want to add titles and credits to your project.

iMovie Title Window

To add titles, click on the Titles icon. This brings up the title window. The title window displays customizable settings. In the title boxes at the bottom I'll title this My Great Movie and in the second title box I'll type by Isaac Brody.

Text Size

Above this I can change the title size; I'll make mine a little smaller.


I can choose to put my title over black, but I'll leave that unchecked.


I can also change the font. I'll select Arial. I'll leave the color white.

iMovie Title Animation

Above the font setting I can change the Title Animation. If you click on the title animations, iMovie previews them in the small preview window in the right corner. I'll scroll down and select Centered Title. Above this I can change the speed of the animation to affect how quickly the title fades in.

And I can change the pause setting to set how long the title stays up for. I'll set the speed to two, and the Pause Setting all the way up to four. Now I'll hit the preview button at the top to see how it looks. That looks pretty good.

Title Positioning

I don't like where my title is centered so I'll move it. To move the titles higher up or down click on the small preview window in the right corner. A cross appears. I can click up or down in the window to position the title. I'll click toward the top of the preview window. And now I'll click the preview button to see how it looks. That's much better. I'm satisfied with the title.

Add Title to iMovie Timeline

To apply the title I'll click the icon next to the centered title animation and drag it onto a clip on my timeline.

Title Fixes

If you don't like the title, highlight it and hit the Delete button. I like it, so I'll go to Edit Undo.

If you want, you can take this further by adding End Titles and credits.

And that's how you create titles in iMovie. Thanks for watching. For more information, please visit us online at
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