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Video:Add Music to iMovie

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Adding music to iMovie projects is easy to do and will bring your videos to life. Grab some helpful hints here and try experimenting on your own.See Transcript

Transcript:Add Music to iMovie

Here's how to use music in iMovie. 

Find Music in the Music Menu

Here's a slideshow I have that has 4 still images.  We're going to add some music to it.  The first thing we need to do is bring music in from our computer into iMovie.  So I'm going to click on this music icon here. 

This brings up a menu that shows all the audio files in your computer such as sound effects and your iTunes playlist.  So I'm going to open up these iTunes playlist and I'm going to click and drag on "campy song" and move it on over on top of this photo in my timeline.  And you see this line here, it's going to tell us where the music starts.  Let's say we want to start the song here.  Now we can play it back and listen. 

Adjust Placement on the Timeline

Let's say we want to change the placement of the song.  Let's hover our mouse over the green box which is the audio file and now we can click and drag the file to where we want it to start.  To change the volume of the song, we are going to click on this gear icon and go into clip adjustments, audio, and then from here we can change the volume. 

More Advanced Features

There are some more advanced features here as well.  Let's say we wanted to change the EQ musical enhancement.  Finally, let's fade in and fade out the music.  Let's click on this audio waveform icon and when we hover over it, we're going to see these gray arrows.  When we click and drag, you'll see it starts to flatten out the audio waveform.  That's how you know the sound is lowering in volume.  Now we can play it back and see how it sounds. 

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