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Video:Add Menu Buttons in iDVD

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In this video, learn how to create customized menu buttons in iDVD, and how to structure your very own title page.See Transcript

Transcript:Add Menu Buttons in iDVD

Pick a Theme for Your Menu Buttons

Once you picked a theme, you can start designing your DVD. I'm going to go with this one here called Bun's Main and I'm going to highlight and click and rename the title of my DVD, Skateboarding Videos.  I can always change the size of the font, the font itself and I can then click and drag and move as I like.  That's the title of my DVD. 

Drag Video into Drop Zone

The next thing I want to do is drag a video into this drop zone here and the template automatically gives you an interesting look. From there, I'm going to add a submenu. Could have drag it over, space it where I like, highlight it, give it a name.  I'm going to call it All Videos.  

Select Buttons for Your Submenu

I'm going to create a button for the submenu by going over here to the bottom right and selecting buttons. You'll see it from the strap down menu here that I can select buttons for text. I can create bullets. I can create shapes for buttons. I can create rectangles for buttons. There are lots of different kinds of buttons you can create but since I need a button for text, I think I'm going to go with this one here. I'm going to put it where I want it and then as I preview, you'll see there is my button and it's a nice indicator that tells me that I should click here.

Design DVD Page

Now I'm going to click on this icon to the left to see the structure of my DVD, my title page and then my submenu. I'm going to click on my submenu to start designing the page.  The first thing I'm going to do is highlight and delete this title and then I'm going to drag in a video to where it says drag photos or movies here that's going to give me a nice background to the buttons I will then create. 

Here is my video and now as I drop a video, I'm going to create button for it.  I'm going down to rectangle and I'm going to select a button.  Once I do, you'll see that the video I drag in now has a button connected to it.  I can design the text anyway I like.  I can make the button larger or smaller and as I apply all these changes, all I'll need to do later is simply click on the button itself to play the video in this submenu.  I'll bring another video in here now, select rectangle, click and drag it over.  Design the text the way I like.  Change the size of the font to match the other.  Click to move it around and now I've got another button with the movie. 

Once you are all finished creating your buttons, you can then previous your DVD.  So from all videos, I can then go all the videos I created. I could then select one of the buttons for video.

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