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Video:Top Keyboard Shortcuts for InDesign

with Frank Bayless

There are some particularly helpful keyboard shortcuts for InDesign. Watch this video to see what they are and how to use them.See Transcript

Transcript:Top Keyboard Shortcuts for InDesign

Hi this is Frank Bayless for and this is Top Keyboard Shortcuts for InDesign.

Common InDesign Keyboard Shortcuts

InDesign has several useful keyboard shortcuts and among the most commonly used are adjusting the font size. When you create a poster or brochure you will need several different font sizes to alter between. On a PC use Ctrl-Shift-> to increase by incremental values that you have selected yourself. To utilize the same feature on a Mac you should use the Cmd-Shift-> shortcut.

More InDesign Shortcuts

Scaling pictures on InDesign is also a popular well used keyboard shortcut. You can decide how big or small your image should be. On a PC you should use the Ctrl-Alt-> to make the image 5 percent bigger and Ctrl-Alt-< to reduce it by 5 percent. To scale your pictures by increments of just one percent use only the Ctrl-> shortcut and Ctrl-< to reduce it by one percent. Scaling pictures on a Mac involves replacing the Ctrl with the Cmd and the Opt instead of the Alt key.

Other Shortcuts

If your need is to nudge objects then use any arrow key. To nudge by a factor of ten, use Shift then the arrow key. This works the same in Mac as it would in on a PC. To create that bold text look that stands out on your poster simply use Ctrl-Shift-B on your PC. Mac users must use Cmd-Shift-B.

Moving a text cursor to the point where you want it exactly can be achieved simply by using the shortcut Home or End. PC users can shift one word to the left or right by using Ctrl-Left/right arrow and on a Mac you can use Cmd-Left/right arrow to achieve a similar result. Moving a cursor to a previous paragraph involves using the shortcut Ctrl-Up Arrow;Cmd-Up Arrow on a Mac. These shortcuts should make life easier and quicker as you use InDesign CS6.

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