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Video:Quick Tip: How to Use the Free Transform Tool in InDesign

with Andrew Hyland

The free transform tool is an important tool in InDesign. Watch this About.com video for tips on using the free transform tool in InDesign.See Transcript

Transcript:Quick Tip: How to Use the Free Transform Tool in InDesign

Hi this is Andrew Hyland for About.com and this is a quick tip on how to use the free transform tool in InDesign.

What Is the Free Transform Tool?

The free transform tool is a combination of a sheer, scale, and rotate tool all in one. In order to use the free transform tool, you can select it from the lefthand side or by pressing E on the keyboard. Next you can do any of the three following options. To rotate an object scroll to the top bottom or side of it and simply click and hold your mouse and drag your cursor in any direction to rotate your object.

Scale Using the Free Transform Tool

The next thing is to scale your object. In order to scale an object, grab the corner handle of it and simply drag your cursor to scale your object to any proportion that you would like. And finally to shear the object using the free transform tool, all you need to do is grab a corner handle of your object and start dragging your cursor. While dragging your cursor press command option on Mac or control alt on windows in order to share your object.

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