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Video:How to Use the Color Palette in InDesign

with Frank Bayless

The color palette in InDesign is integral to design anything involving color or variation. Get a brief overview of how to use the color palette in InDesign in this screencast from Transcript

Transcript:How to Use the Color Palette in InDesign

Hi this is Frank Bayless for and this is how to use the color palette in InDesign.

Opening the Color Palette in InDesign

When using the color palette you can access any amount of colors and variations that you need. You can use these colors to fill an object or change a stroke. You can also change text colors well. To access the color palette go up to the window menu go down to color and select color or F6 on your keyboard. You can also access the color palette from the right-hand side by selecting color.

Overview of the Color Palette in InDesign

In the color palette you have multiple options of things that you can do. The first main thing is in the upper rain corner and is where you can change the way to your colors are displayed, whether it be CMYK, RGB or lab. Once you selected how your colors will be displayed you can change them by using the sliders. Your changes will show up in real time on the object just selected. You can also add percentage values into each one of the color fields.

Also in the color palette you have a spectrum at the bottom with an eyedropper for your cursor to select solid colors. Change color of a stroke simply click on the stroke symbol or X on your keyboard. In order to add a color to your stroke double-click the stroke simple. This will bring up the color picker window where you can choose a color for your stroke. 

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