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Video:How to Insert Page Numbers on Master Pages in InDesign

with Frank Bayless

Inserting page numbers on master pages is one of the basics of InDesign. Watch this About.com video to learn how to use this feature and create automatic settings for page numbers.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Insert Page Numbers on Master Pages in InDesign

Hi this is Frank Bayless for About.com and this is how to insert page numbers on master pages in InDesign. 

Access the Pages Panel in InDesign

In order to insert page numbers on master pages in in design you first need to go into your pages panel and select a master page. For this purpose we will be using the A master page template and I'll be selecting the left-hand side to enter a page number into. By pressing Z I'm going to zoom into the left hand bottom of page corner in order to insert a page number into it. Next we will go grab our type tool or tea on the keyboard. While holding down the type tool draw a text box. Make sure to create your text box for page numbers wider then you would think in order to accommodate a larger numbers of pages.

Automatically Setting Page Numbers

In order to automatically generate page numbers we first need to go to the type menu, then to insert special character, then it to marker, then to create page number or Control alt shift N on Windows or Control up arrow command N on Mac. I know you can see that it's added and a which corresponds to the name of our master page template. If you go to any pages in your document you'll see that a number supplied which corresponds to the page number.

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