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Video:How to Create an Invitation Using InDesign

with Herman Mak

Store bought invitations could never be as good as your own design. Watch this video to learn how to easily customize your own invitations using InDesign software.See Transcript

Transcript:How to Create an Invitation Using InDesign

Hi, I’m Herman Mak for, and today I’m going to show you how to create an invitation in InDesign.

Choose the Invitation Size and Orientation

Open a new document in InDesign using a half letter size page with 0.25" margin all around and using the landscape settings for the orientation.

Use Complimentary Images and Fonts in the Invitation

Drop in a nice background image that fit your theme. You may buy or download some royalty free stock image for this. Stretch the image and fit content to frame.

Use the type tool (shortcut key T) to input the info you need! Remember to choose the color of font that puts a nice contrast between the background and the text.

Do some resizing to make the text looks nice and stands out the subject! Don't forget to pick up some different font to make your invitation look more attractive. Fiddle around with the design and move things around to work out a design you like.

Now you can send the file to print or export it to a PDF for print shops to do the job for you!

Thanks for watching. To learn more about InDesign, please visit

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