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Video:Extract Images and Text From a PDF

with Don Schechter

Learn two ways to extract images and text from a PDF using Adobe Acrobat.See Transcript

Transcript:Extract Images and Text From a PDF

Hi, I'm Don Schecter for Computing. Today, I'll show you how to extract text or images from a PDF file.

There are many ways to extract images from a PDF, but today I'll show you just using Adobe Acrobat.

Select the Image or Text You Want to Extract

First open the PDF file you wish to extract from. On the toolbar, click the 'select' button. Click the image or text you want to extract. I'll take this image.

You will see a button in the top left corner of your selection. Click it, and your selection will be copied to your clipboard.

Paste the Image or Text

Now open a document where you want your extracted text or image. I'll open a blank Word document. Right click and choose 'paste.' There's my image.

You can see some black lines around it from the edges of the original image. I don't want those, so I'll go back and extract it another way.

Use the Snapshot Tool

On the toolbar, click the Snapshot tool. Now, if I click and drag around the image, it will automatically add it as a selection to the clipboard. Click 'OK.' I'll go back to my Word document, right click, and choose 'paste.' There it is with no lines around it.

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