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Video:Treating Chicken Pox Symptoms

with Dr. Deborah Jaliman

Chicken Pox can become debilitating if it isn't treated with the proper care. Here are some of the best ways of easing the symptoms of chicken pox, from cold compress to steroids, from a pediatrician.See Transcript

Transcript:Treating Chicken Pox Symptoms

Hi, this is Dr. Deborah Jaliman, a board certified dermatologist in New York City, for talking about how to treat the symptoms of chicken pox.

What Chicken Pox Look and Feel Like

When you get chicken pox, you have blisters and crusts all over the body from the trunk to the extremities to the face. Quickly, the blisters turn into crusts, especially since they’re very itchy, and people often scratch them. This causes the blisters to break and turn into this crusted area. It’s very important not to itch these areas because you can very easily make scars.

Chicken Pox Treatments

So, one of the things we do as dermatologists is to use antihistamines to prevent the itching. We also use cool compresses made of half skim milk with half water. We also use topical steroids for the area. But if somebody has a very bad case of chicken pox, you may use antivirals that are given by mouth, or if it’s a very severe condition, you may need hospitalization.

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