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Video:Rashes that Cause Blistering

with Dr. Howard Goldberg

Blister rashes can be causes by a number of skin diseases. What this video to learn more about the underlying conditions for rashes that cause blistering.See Transcript

Transcript:Rashes that Cause Blistering

Hi I'm Dr. Howard Goldberg from the Cosmetic Dermatology and Aesthetic Laser Center in Swampscott, Massachusetts. Today for About.com we're going to be taking a look at rashes that cause blistering.

Blister Rashes from Contact Dermatitis

I think the simplest way to discuss blistering diseases is to divide them into the most common that are out there. First of all would be a contact dermatitis. And the most common of this would be poison ivy contact dermatitis. And usually this would fairly severe blistering. And what's typical of this type of contact dermatitis is that the blisters tend to be in a linear fashion in a row. Where ever the sap from the plant gets on your skin and then runs. And so you can get lines of blisters on arms, legs or where ever the material comes in contact with you.

Other types of contact dermatitis can also produce blistering depending on the material causing the problem and depending on the location where that particular chemical gets in contact with one's skin.

Auto Immune Diseases Causing Blistering Rashes

A less common area of blistering would be Auto Immune Diseases. The body has antibodies in our system that are responsible for fighting off disease, but sometimes these antibodies go awry and attack one's own skin. And when they attack the skin they can cause an inflammatory reaction with serum pouring out and you can cause blistering rashes as a result. Depending on which area of the skin these antibodies attack, the blisters can be deep or superficial. For example a disease called Bullous Pemphigoid will give you relatively deep blisters because the antibodies attack lower down in the skin.

Another disease call Pemphigus Vulgaris will give you more superficial blisters and as a result these blisters break pretty quickly and then there is rapid denudation or open raw areas developing with this disease.

Dermatitis Hermetaphormis Blister Rashes

Another blistering disease is called Dermatitis Hermetaphormis. and this has been found to be associated with a sensitivity to gluten. And these patients have to stay on a gluten free diet or else their rash will flare badly and cause them severe itching. Many systemic medications that people develop an allergic reaction to can also called blistering such as penicillin or various other drugs. And finally there is a particular type of rash called Bullous Erythema Multiforme where the rash looks like a target with a blister in the center. And this type of rash can been seen from many causes from drugs , but it can commonly also be seen with cold sore infections. This kind of gives you a brief summery of blistering diseases, but obviously it's something that one would have to consult their local dermatologist to get more information on. Thanks for watching. To learn more visit About dot com.

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